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Gazechim Composites NV is a subsidiary of the Gazechim Group, which is based in Béziers, France.

Gazechim was founded in 1937 as L’Anyhydride Sulfureux Français. Reconditioning and distributing liquefi ed gasses for drinking water and wine treatment was the principal activity in those years. In 1975 Gazechim started to supply raw materials to the composite industry in the South of France.

During the nineties a French network was build trough acquisitions. Today the French market is served out of 8 internal warehouses including local customer’s services.

The fi rst acquisition in Spain took place in 1998, followed in 2000 by acquisitions on the Italian market. To serve the Benelux market, Gazechim Composites Belgium was founded in 2002. Gazechim Composites is at the moment serving more than 12.000 customers in 24 countries out of 38 warehouses. 98 commercial and technical representatives are assisting our customers in their workshop to deliver a customer tailored service.